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Cactus - Succulents

Caring For Anacampseros Rufescens

Anacampseros rufescens an-ak-KAM-ser-os, roo-FES-enz is a slow-growing succulent belonging to the relatively new Anacampserotaceae family of plants.It’s native to Southern Africa, often growing as a small undershrub or a spreading herb.Anacampseros rufescens is commonly called sand rose due to its colorful rosettes of succulent leaves.
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Growing Tips

Mignonette Flower Care: Learn To Grow the Reseda Plant

Native to Europe, southwest Asia, and North Africa, Reseda res-EE-duh a genus of herbaceous plants has a long recorded history.The honey-like sweet fragrance emitted by its flowers is attractive to anyone near it.Since the name Reseda means “to calm or appease,” the ambrosial scent makes complete sense.
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How To Control Thrips On Roses In The Garden

Thrips are extremely small garden pests, but they can do a great deal of damage.These tiny, slim insects belong to the group known as hemimetabolous which may feed upon plants and/or other insects, depending upon the species.Thrips are a species who prey entirely upon plant matter.They do this using their rasping/sucking mouthparts which look and work something like a soda straw.
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How To Grow Hesperaloe Parviflora

Hesperaloe Parviflora (hes-per-AL-oh, par-vi-FLOR-uh) is an evergreen perennial succulent from the family Asparagaceae formerly Agavaceae.Native to southwestern Texas and northeastern Mexico in North America, particularly to the Chihuahuan desert and areas around Coahuila, the plant is mainly found growing in deserts, rocky slopes, prairies, and mesquite groves throughout its native range.
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How To Grow and Care For Tecomaria Capensis (Orange Cape Honeysuckle)

Tecomaria Capensis tek-oh-MAR-ee-uh, ka-PEN-sis , also called Tecoma Capensis, is a perennial flowering plant species of the family Bignoniaceae, naturally found in southern Africa – in Eswatini, South Africa, and southern areas of Mozambique.However, it is also cultivated in many other parts of the world, such as in South-East Asia, and California and Hawaii in the United States, and has also been naturalized in some areas, such as in some parts of Australia.
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11 Colorful Summer Flowers That Beat The Heat

Which summer flowers help you light up the hottest dog days of summertime?Below are 11 flowers that bloom all summer and an tips of how they grow and where to plant them.The descriptions also provide some required maintenance.1. Butterfly WeedThis is a butterfly attractor (along with the Butterfly bush – aka Buddleia) make butterflies flock your garden.
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