19 Clever Tips For Reusing Silica Gel Packets

19 Clever Tips For Reusing Silica Gel Packets

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Ever buy a new pair of shoes to find those silica gel packets inside, only to throw them out? Well stop it!

The Mother Nature Network shares 19 different clever uses for those gel packets. Instead of trashing them, you can use those packets to fight humidity, oxidation, to keep things dry, and an assortment of other uses including seed storage.

Here are are few of the ways silica gel packs can be reused:

  • Protect photos from humidity.
  • Use to dry flowers.
  • Use when storing seeds to prevent molding.
  • For items in storage, anything prone to mildew.
  • Use in luggage while traveling.

For all the different helpful ways to use silica gel packets, check out the post Ways To Reuse Silica Packets.

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