Raised Bed Garden

10 Raised Bed Garden Ideas From Sunset

10 Raised Bed Garden Ideas From Sunset

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As more and more people look at gardening as a way to grow some of their own food, to relax and get outdoors, raised garden beds have become more popular.

Just as people have all kinds of opinions on what is the best vegetables to grow, the best soil for raised beds and when to plant, there are many styles of raised beds found in the back yard. Here’s one raised garden bed I think is done the right way!

We found 10 raised bed gardens to give you some ideas, along with how to put one together. Check it out at the link via Sunset

Many would be gardener’s want to start a vegetable garden in their backyard, but imagined it would require lots of space, weeding and destroying the backyard.

In this 24 minute video, Don Rosenberg author of “No Green Thumb Required” shows how you can start your own garden.

Don says… No matter who you are, where you live, this approach to back yard gardening can help anyone have a productive vegetable garden, even busy families!

Don uses raised beds, weedless soil and techniques to make the best use of limited space, to grow delicious, healthy vegetables with no digging, tilling or weeding!

To learn more on How to Grow your own Garden watch the video…

Watch the video: 10 Easy to Build Raised Garden Beds. garden ideas (June 2022).


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