Bloom Fertilizer: What Fertilizer Plants Need For Vigorous Blooms

Bloom Fertilizer: What Fertilizer Plants Need For Vigorous Blooms

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When you want to grow vigorous blooming and fruit-bearing plants, it’s essential to use a specially formulated bloom boosting fertilizer.

In this article, we discuss both commercially prepared and homemade bloom boosters.

Why Are Bloom Boosters So Important?

Specially formulated bloom boosting fertilizers offer the most effective macronutrient balances.

These types of fertilizers are higher in both potassium and phosphorus, which are essential for vigorous flowering.

Phosphorus helps spur abundant blooms and fruiting.

A fertilizer high in nitrogen will encourage a lot of leaf growth, but lots of phosphorus supports healthy, potent flower buds.

These types of fertilizers are also rich in amino acids, trace minerals, and an array of organic stimulants helping to replenish your plants and ward off weakness, deficiencies, and disease.

How Do You Use Bloom Boosting Fertilizer?

Apply bloom boosting fertilizer as soon as first buds begin to form.

This ensures your plant has plenty of phosphorus to help it circulate water and produce chlorophyll.

Continue to fertilize your flowering plants with bloom booster while they are blooming.

If blooming plants become phosphorus depleted, they will simply stop blooming, so continue to feed your plants throughout their blooming season and deadhead them frequently to encourage new bud growth.

How Often Should You Fertilize Blooming Plants?

With a commercial bloom booster, fertilize on a weekly or biweekly basis.

For houseplants, fertilize with a diluted solution every time you water.

Bloom boosting fertilizers are also suitable for food-bearing plants.

Remember, blooms turn into veggies, fruits, and berries, so a bloom boosting fertilizer is an excellent addition to your fruit, vegetable, and berry garden.

Fertilize your fruit and vegetable plants as soon as they begin to create buds and blossoms.

This will increase flower production and ultimately increase your yield.

Use bloom boosting fertilizer throughout your plants’ growing season to extend its blooming season as well.

For perennials and houseplants, stop fertilizing in October to give your plant a rest through the winter months.

What’s The Best Store-Bought Bloom Booster?

One top-rated commercially available product is Miracle Grow’s Bloom Booster.

This fertilizer is uniquely formulated to encourage healthy growth in flowering plants.

How Do You Make Your Own Bloom Boosting Fertilizer?

There are several ways to make your bloom booster fertilizer, and one is to simply keep a worm composter and use your worm compost tea to fertilize your plants.

For the best production of bloom boosting compost tea by your worm helpers, feed them plenty of fruit and veggie scraps, eggshells and especially banana peels.

If you are not able to participate in vermiculture, save and dry banana peels and eggshells and combine them to make your bloom booster fertilizer as demonstrated in this video.

Watch the video: The Best Fertilizer for Blooming Plants (June 2022).


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